Young Underground

Columbus, 1972

Young Underground were one of the bands/artists represented on the 1972 1st Annual Inner City Talent Expo LP, a document of a talent show type event for black teens in Columbus. 

We don't have the seldom seen LP in hand, so if there is more information about the event and the band, that would be nice to know. In addition to the LP, the band's conttribution "Time Cycle" was issued on a hard to find 'split artist' 45. Wendy Harris appears on the other side of the 45. "Time Cycle" is a funk instrumental with some roclk/psych overtones.

As an aside about the LP, it includes the first released recording by Timeless Legend with the Suspicious Can Openers.

Reverend Lee (by Wendy Harris) / Time Cycle (by Young Underground) - Talent Expo no #, R- 29439/40