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Been a long time since the updates been posted, check them out! The since is updated every few days and emails are checked every day when possible. Thanks for your support!

Updates: Dayton Sidewinders, Hard Road/Road, Nite Watchmen, Golden Leaf records, Venues, Bold records, Shaddows, Wild Things (Cleveland), Back Pages, Jessup, Four/Sunny Four, Counterpart records, Valiants/Julettas Valiants, Jewel records, Hazards, Mainline records, Soul Survivors, Wimpy, Mass Media, Buckeye Biscuit Band, Gaylords, Bare Facts, Kale records, Lloyd Hugo, Savoys (Cleveland), Genesis, Jay and Ray, Marjon records, Chanson records, Kale records, Bonnievilles (Toledo), Majority of Six, Edetts, Load Of Rock, Fabulous Fish, Imaginations, Fabulous Penetrations, Kantones, Ark records, Skeezix, Willis the Zipper, Ron and the Motions, Dynamics, Colours, Faces In The Crowd, Liban records, Magical Soul, Estates, Chuck Bates, Del-Nita records, Rhode Runners, Grey Imprint, Jerry Clayton, Littel Caesar and the Empire, Redbug records, Kismet Maze, Patriots, N. Patrick Williams, JH and the Esquires, Three And One, X-Cellents, Nombres, One Yere, 

New: Marsha Gee, Pillage, Quadron, Jimmy Ley, Islands, Determinations (Middletown), Bliss, Purple Image, Scepters (Barnesville), Little Denny and the Torkays, Swordsmen, Other Ones/Players IV, Kitty Kaye and the Kats, Raging Winds, Warlocks, Essence, Peter's Backyard, Freelancers, Valley Serenaders, Ray Beach and the Driftwoods, Boyd Ingram, Bill Tatman and the Rampagers, Sinamon Leaf, Cokie and the Tyrones, Phil Wilson, Savoys (Uniontown, PA), Ramrods, Mike Adams/Harry D Cup, Cruisers, Fabulous Mustangs, Combined Forces, Crack The Sky, Trinity, New Continentals, Veline Hackert/Velon Hacker, Buddy Covelle, Paris Brothers, Glenn Cooper and the Jets, Sunnygoodge Street, Jerry Paul, Fonda St. Paul, Velvet, Van-Dells/Myron and the Van-Dells, Wynona Carr, Alan Praid, Don Boone and the Indians, Dixie Harmonairs, Odessey (Toledo), Milan Shepel, Count Baltes and the Igors, Ricki and the Alternates, Love For Dollars and Cents, Pete Nantz, Shufflers, Bobby Rutledge, the Cimarrons. Wayne Perdew, Highlighters, Triptides, Little Ted and the Novas, Barbara Howard, Art Harmon and the Harmonaires, Lee Roberts and the Echoes, Marty Cash, Drakes, Jewels, Avalons, Belltones, Caleb and the Playboys, Bill Watkins, Bill Zekie Browning, Joey Leal, Lonnie Anderkin, Cut Outs, Larks, Jimmy Love, Gene Sisco, Ramblin' Rebels, Piney Brown, Sandy Chapin, Conrad and the Van-Dells, Bluenotes, Joe Caldwell, Al Franklin, Leroy Jones, Contours, Jimmy James Thomas, Little Jimmy Thomas, Nelson Young, Sandy Valley Boys, Countrymen, Knockouts, Carey Benson and the Inside View, Garrett Williams, Endeavors, Liberty Street, Pacers, Bo Toliver and the Timers, I Don't Care, Marv Lockard, Emperors, Perpentated Spirits of Turpentine, Buddy Mantia, Chuck Secrest, Western Spotlighters, Abe Link, Sunset Rhythm Boys, Royal Scorpions, Robin, Monarchs, Paul Griffin, Ohio Power, Munx (Lima/Van Wert), Jents, Three Dukes, Timmy Willis, Round Up Boys, Archie Poe, Double O Demingos, Sounds Of Night, Mark II (Toledo), Blade Family, Cecil McNabb, Jerry Channing, Run-A-Bouts, Invictas (Cleveland), Trolls (Stow), Cania, Spartans, Ray Clark and the Demons, Barbara Lee, Medicine Men, Maxx Band, Acorn Sisters, Sprites, Lester Sykes, Royal Bloos, Fantastic Rhythms, Aposils, Pound and Four Ounces, Charters, Sugar and Spice, Motley Crew, Natchez Trace, Operation, Crickets, Jabberwocky, Holiday Brown, Tin Men, Stan Johnson, Inner Prism/Prism, Little Woo Woo, Bill Browning, Echo Valley Boys, Tony Ricco, Stringshifters, Andy Somers, Huemmer and Farley, Mother Braintree, Itchy Brother, Basement, Carousels, Derrick Floyd, Three Guys, Harold Lee, 


Updates: Circus, El Pollos, Pentecost, Alcon Shades, Round Trip Tickets, Hopple Street Exit, Canadians, Gaylords, Soul Survivors, Last Times, Glenn Mooney, Raging Storms, Buccaneers (Toledo), Jerry Kay and the Galaxies, Genesis, Paul Hopkins, Cranberry Mustache, Jewel records, Musicol records, Edcom records, TV shows, Maarc records, Tema records, Esta records, Shenandoah records, Marjon records, B+4 records, Airway records, Boddie records, Tela-Star records

New: Young Ideas, Jimmy Eustice, Sketches, Janet Stewart, Creations (Cleveland), Claude Robinson, Five Dreams, La Salles, Losers (Cleveland), Penny North, Jackie Russell, Richard Russell, Hopkins-Bradley, Bo and the Soul Metros, Joey Joy and Zazzerak, Wayne Spence, Mad Ladds,  Contels, Parakeets, Baby Terry Hall, Years People, Laura Greene, Variatons, Glen M. Martin, Deletts, Executive Four, Mellow Decisions, Quixotics, Rainbow (Dayton), Strawberry Social, Johnny and the Thunderbirds, Biscaynes, Storms, Rhode Runners, Dave Allison, Cherry Fogg, Cement Chicken, Apperson Jackrabbit


Updates:Green Lyte Sunday, Cargo, Shillings, Malcontents, Glen Jester, Knots, Cliches, Left End, One Yere, Mixed Emotions (Findlay), Epiks, Patti and the Playboys, Sons Of Liberty, Buccaneers (Toledo), Harmonics, Little Eric, Magical Soul, Journey Men, Convention, Scratch, Frenz, Flight, Bock, Izz, Runaways

New: Collegians, Little Don and the Contentions, Offbeats, Renegades, Fabulous Originals, Amber Hue, Hi-Fis, Loved Ones, Ray Dawson and the Ohio Soulsters, 8th Day, East River Drive, Sir Richard, Mighty Mike and the Dynamites, Tradewinds, Olivers, Velvet Crosswalk, Revolver, Jicky Zaar


Updates: Chylds, Four/Sounny Four/Thee Four, Roving Mob, Gears, Mark V/Marque V, BG Ramblers, Tony Walthers and Galaxy, Phillip Wolf, Denems, Vibrations, East Orange Express, Bad Seeds, Decades, Ivan and the Sabers, Big Jay Bush, Cavaliers (Middletown), Jordan Parker Revue, Chosen Lot, Westfauster, Hobsons Choice, Cutaways, 24 Carat Black/Ditalians, Wyngates, Corvairs

New: Colleen Kaye, Felix Lark, Icarus, Kathy Dee, Drift, Apple Butter Band, Lost Children, Pinnley Thinstrype, Wanted (& Co), Pypes, Mysteries, Fabulous Shantels, Heartbreakers, Fabulous Fakes, Bubble Gum Machine, Chris Allen and the Goodtimers, Rock-Its, Columbians, Ray Ron Lou, Pepi,


Everything seems to have been restored from the crash, including the pictures. Let us know if anyone sees a missing pic or page.

Updates: What Four, Twiggs, Sands Ov Tyme, Great Society, Gerri Diamond, Checkmates

New: Shoguns, Sole Setta, Smokey and His Sister, Big C, Felix Harris, Trudi/Hopple Street Exit/Tad Spencer Group, Dale Goudy and the Blue Sky Trio, Louie and the Ambassadors, Shari Drake, Dottie Sardinha, Deacon and the Rock & Rollers


Still working on the missing items from the crash. Work goes on....

Updates: Wild Things, Shadows, Symphonics (East Liverpool), Blues Inc (Athens), Disciples of Sound, Funnie Papers, Dimensions, Jimmie Contenta, Checkers/Donnie Gee and the Checkers, Fred Gartner and the Ferraris, Redbug records, Crystal Rain, GTs, Joe Dolce, Jewel records

New: Little Kim and the Personals, Pharoahs, Kampus Kids/Riki and the Rikatones/Rick Palmer/Teen Kings, Triumphs (Newark), Nite Caps, Eugene and the Cyclones, Renaults, 8 Foot Clearance, Ghutts, Pentecost, Ralph's Rock Band, Finite Minds, Sugar Creek/Headstone Circus, Rapscallion, Sixth Street Burden


We have been down because the web hosting I've used since the beginning went dead, suddenly, and has shut down for good it seems. I have backups of everything but it might take a while as I am getting used to the new host and their methods of operations


Updates: Fully Assembled, Cat Black, Bazooom, Cargo, Exeter Group, Promises, Scepters (Warren), Shaddows, Counts (Hamilton)

New:  People's Choice, Puzzle People, Caesar's Five, Dave and the Marvels, Hessler Court, Tight Thighs and Queer Bait, Brownell Court, Froggy and the Shrimps, Mushroom (Cleveland), Paragons, Sons of Liberty, Ensinbunch, Kismet Maze, Uranus, Domingo and the Dolphins, Skeezix, Dogs N Kids, Erroll Gaye amd the Imaginations, True Movement, Silky Vincent, Jessup, Impetus


Updates: Hempstead Incident, Counts (Hamilton), Mar-Kals, Swiss Navy, Bare Facts, Gears, Circus, Alice Blue, Rudy Thacker, Reign, Sounds Of Three, Melody Mates, Brimstone, Marvin Gardens, Eli Radish, Counterpoints, Shadows, Jerry and the Dekades

New: Risin' Sons, Quantrill Electric Band, Bazoo, Maw Brown, Freewheelin, Bender Sisters, Windermere Storage, Cottonmouth, Featherwood, Johnny Marino, Fleet, Cargo, Gang Green, Hobart's Follies, Superbs, Symbols Of Sound, Magic, Featherstitch, Me and the Othur Guys, Me and the Other Guys, Jimmy John, Penetrations, New Breeds, Brik Wall, Marquis, Deadlys, Possums, Grim Reapers, Phil Dirt and the Dozers, Eggs, Tillie Wow, White Rhino, Marquees, Purple Persians, George and the Highlanders, Annuals, Lyterside, One and Onlys, Morroccos, Steve Bare, Hairy Bears, Checkers, Gravestone Four, Jimmy Contenta, Symphonics (Akron), Wayne Perry, Eddie Lloyd, Paul Hopkins, Janie Fulmer, Leon Harmon, Fabulous Penetrations, Zenobia Bonner, Michael Bell, Soul Motivation, Jimmy Holloway, ROund Trip Tickets, Johnson Hawkins Tatum and Durr, Edetts, Harmonious Enterprise, Jus'Us, Chantells, Determinations, Donations. Rotations, Dean and Jean, Royal Esquires, Segments of Time, Swinging Rocks, Swans, Endeavors, Cavaliers (Middleton), Escos, Four Tracks, Angela Alexander/JD Saddler, Hollywoods, Quintessence, Purple Reign, Lil Murray and the Soul Exciters, Voodoo