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Generally, clubs were seperated into teen clubs (usually 13-19 years old, no alcohol) and nightclub/lounge clubs (18+, serving alcohol).

Cleveland area

  • Admiral Bimbos (26695 Center Ridge, Westlake) - Early 70s club that was the only action in this archetypical suburb. Hosted rock bands, lounge bands....had a lot of problems with the squares. Originally known as Corenos, then the Bar IV, then Pickle Bill's West. The first night as Admiral Bimbo's was August 21, 1970 with Alice Blue and Audi-Badoo (who were probably the closest thing to being the house band). The building was demolished c. 2000

  • Agora (1730 E. 24th, Cleveland) - Started as a college bar right off the Case Institute (pre-Case Western Reserver merger). Relocated to near downtown (E. 24th) in '67 and slowly became the most famous rock-n-roll club in Cleveland. More details can be found at their web site - www.clevelandagora.com. 

  • Americana (Euclid Ave, near Playhouse Square) - mid 1960s 18+ upscale club that had polished, greaser-leaning bands

  • Atomic Alps Beer Chateau (11533 Royalton Road) Opened April 6, 1973, featured local bands

  • Chagrin Armory (Rt 422, Chagrin) - Big and happening teen club that often featured regional bands like Terry Knight and the Pack, run by Walt Masky.

  • Chesterland Hullabaloo (Chesterland) - ran from 1967 to 1975, one of the ring of Hullabaloo clubs in NE Ohio - hosted Cyrus Erie, Decembers Children, and the other Hullabaloo circuit bands. The longest lasting NE Ohio Hullaball Owned by Don Parsons and David Ludwick. Opened Dec 21, 1967 with the Silver Caboose LTD from New York and King Kirby. The last night (as Showcase East) was June 29, 1975.

  • Celebrity Lounge (2901 Euclid) - Part of the Versailles Motor Inn. Mid 1960s-70s, featured touring jazz and club acts

  • Char House (7902 Central) - Late 60s- early 70s

  • Chatterbox Lounge (5123 Woodland Ave) - One of the earliest clubs for R&B music, the Chatterbox dates to the late 1940s. In the 1960s, soul music was featured.

  • Corral (21910 Cook Rd, Olmsted Township, off Columbia Road in North Olmsted) The Corral dated from the 1940s but in 1961 it became a over 18 rock-n-roll club that lasted to January 16, 1982, when it was destroyed by arson. Hosted the a lot of the same acts that played the college bar places like the Agora. Had a under-18 'teen night' for a while in the 1970s. The band One Yere (Too Sune) played there a lot - the owner Fred LaPonza was the father of one of the band leadet/drummer Sam LaPonza.

  • Eastown Motor Hotel (15103 Euclid) Early 1970s club that was one of the main venues for local and regional R&B, funk, and soul groups.

  • Euphoria (1614 Euclid) 1969 - local psych rock bands like the Poppy

  • Faragher's (1940 S. Taylor) - Faragher's was the primary club for Cleveland's singer-songwriter/folk scene in the early 70s. They also featured bands in the folk-rock style

  • Fat Glenn's - On the Cleveland State campus, they catered to the college crowd with live bands. Open from the late 1960s until the late 1970s,  they featured jazz from the mid 1970s on.

  • Green Darby (E. 140th and Lakeshore) early-mid 1960s lounge club

  • Grog Shop (Westgate Mall, Rocky River) Opened in early 1970 and hosted bands until the late 1970s, maybe later. This club was connected to Stouffer's restaurant. An over 18/21 club. Bands included rock and more loungey acts. The building, as was the whole mall (including the former home of Disc Records) was torn down in 2006.

  • Hires Lounge (28833 Euclid Ave) - Major club for over 18 in the early-mid 60s, all the greaser bands played there

  • House Of Bud (1910 Euclid Ave) - Open in 1973/4 - another live club for the Cleveland State & college crowd, featuring the bands that played the circuit. Also had shows by touring acts, including Les Variations from Morocco!

  • It's Boss Teen Club (16320 Brookpark Road) - Large teen club located actually in what might have been called a 'red light district'.

  • Jail (Avon Lake Jail) (223 Miller Road, Avon Lake) - Rock club in the middle of nowhere, featured local bands.

  • King Richard's (26167 Lorain Road, North Olmsted) - early 70s live music and nightclub that featured some of the more polished local bands. Kind of a stereotypical 'swinging 70s' club that had an clientele of young upwardly mobile suburbanites.

  • Leo's Casino (7500 Euclid) - The top club for soul and R&B acts during the 1950s until 72. All the big Motown and touring national acts played there. Jazz artists, the club's original focus, were also featured. Owned by Leo Frank. The club closed in 1972.

  • Longhorn (17240 Broadway, Maple Heights) - Popular club in the early-late 70 that featured local bands.

  • Lorain Hullabaloo (also known as the Kamms Corners Hullabaloo) (16110 Lorain Road) - One of the more short lived of the Hullabaloo teen clubs. Opened June 30, 1967 with the Baskerville Hounds

  • Mad Hatter (2150 E. 18th, Cleveland) - 1970s club located near the Cleveland State campus. Mainly a discoteque dance style club with records, they also had a live drummer who played along to the records! There were a few live bands there. In the late 1970s they went disco.

  • Medina Hullabaloo (Laurel Square Shopping Center) - The last to open and first to close of the NE Ohio Hullabaloos, opened Dec 9, 1967 and lasted for about a year. Hosted the Hullabaloo circuit bands, including Paper Sun, Lost Souls, Hill. One of few clubs that published a newsletter (of which many issues have survived! and will be posted).

  • Mentor Hullabaloo (7681 Mentor Ave, Mentor) - Another one of the Greater Cleveland Hullabaloos that hosted the bands in that loop. Changed name to the Rock Shop in 1969. Opened June 16th, 1967, with the Baskerville Hounds

  • Music Box (Elyria) - located in downtown Elyria, one of the top clubs in Lorain County - bands like the Shademen played there often.

  • North Ridgeville Hullabaloo/Cyrus Erie West (38751 Center Ridge, North Ridgeville)- Started in 1967 as part of the NE Ohio Hullabaloo chain. Renamed after the clubs most popular act when the CE manager had some interest in the club. Hosted the popular dance bands.

  • Oar House (3844 Euclid Ave) - Early 70s club with folk and folk-rock

  • Orbit Lounge (Willoughby) - Major club in Cleveland's eastern suburbs that featured greaser and mod bands. Later known as the Utopia.

  • Otto's (1700 Columbus Road, the Flats) - Early 70s club - See Otto's Backroom.

  • Otto's Backroom (1187 Old River Road, the Flats) - Early 70s club - both of the Otto's in the Flats featured popular bands like Reign.

  • Otto's Grotto (Statler-Hilton Hotel, Downtown Cleveland) - A lounge type club that opened in April, 1966 and was considered a top level club. Its location ensured a lot of 'scenesters' passing through.

  • Painesville Armory (Rt 20, Painesville) - Big and happening teen club that often featured regional bands like Terry Knight and the Pack, run by Walt Masky, sister club to the Chagrin Armory.

  • Pinwheel Lounge - Major club for soul acts, out of town groups from places like Detroit appeared there as well as local groups.

  • Plato (1748 E. 22nd, Cleveland) - One of the first bars for the college crowd, started in 1967 and located near the Cleveland State campus (Fenn College at the time). Hosted bands like the North River Street Rock Collection. Closed in the early 70s when CSU started gobbling up local properties.

  • Rolling Stone Teen Club (Brookpark)- Setup inside the large UAW hall, this was a major place for bands like the Choir and Kicks, Inc. Its location in the heart of Greaser land meant tough times for Mod styled bands where detractors would pelt the bands with pennies! Opened Feb 3, 1967 with the Music Machine, Trohls, and Kicks, Inc.

  • Roundtable (242 Superior Ave) Over 16 club downtown, opened April 13, 1973 (yep, Friday the 13th). Local bands and some touring bands. The opening night bands were Blue Oyster Cult, Jonathan Edwards, and Circus

  • Sir Rah's House (4710 Lee Road) Early 1970s club that was a main joint for R&B, Jazz, funk, and soul.

  • Smiling Dog Saloon (3447 W.25th)- The Smiling Dog featured a very eclectic lineup including folk, jazz, and rock bands. Very few clubs can saw they booked Miles Davis and Lynyrd Skynyrd (before they got big)! Opened Oct 1, 1971, closed Dec 7, 1975. Plans to move to the WHK auditorium did not work out.

  • Socrates' Cave (2150 E. 18th) - college club with live bands, opened Feb 28, 1969. Became the Mad Hatter.

  • Spankys (Center Ridge Rd, North Ridgeville) mid 1970s to 1980s - over 18 club next to the shopping center that housed Cyrus Erie West. Featured commercial rock bands

  • Spectrum (1615 W. 117th)- Early 70s club that featured local bands. Formerly known as the Bazzar.

  • Stable (1541 Mentor Ave, Painesville)- Early-70s club with local rock bands

  • Strongsville Jail (Strongsville)- Early-late 70s club that had local rock bands - Left End played there often. Leaned toward the harder rock sounds.

  • Tom Jones' Backroom (1187 Old River Road, the Flats) - Early 70s club, became Otto's Backroom in 1972

  • Torchlight (Mentor)- Major club in the early-mid 60s, hosted bands from Tom King and Starfires to the Choir.

  • Tutties (36212 Euclid Ave)- Early 70s club that hosted the popular local bands.

  • Utopia (Willoughby)- Major club starting the late 60s all througout the 70s. Featured the top tier of the Cleveland club bands. The club burned down in 1972 and was rebuilt and reopened in 1973.

  • Union Jack (3935 Mayfield Road)

  • Viking Saloon (2005 Chester, Cleveland) - Near the Cleveland State campus - Early-mid 70s club noted for progressive and non-mainstream bands. Dragonwyck played there often, and it hosted the infamous 1975 "Extermination night" with Rocket From the Tombs, etc. Burned down in January of 1976.

  • Youngstown area

  • Apartment (876 E. Midlothian, Youngstown) - late 60s/early 70s club

  • Attic (Salem) - 1960s teen club

  • Castaway Lounge ('downtown' Newton Falls) - Popular in the early 70s, they were booked by Starshine Productions

  • Haunted House (Canfield/Salem) - A teen club run all year round, no connection to Halloween

  • Mickey's Bar (Youngstown) - A bar owned by Mickey Williamson Sr. (Junior played in the Insights and L.A.W.).

  • The Green (Youngstown) - A bar

  • The Mouse Trap (Coitsville) - A bar

  • University Club (Liberty) - A bar

  • The Happening (Canfield)

  • Carousel Teen Clubs (Struthers, Youngstown, Hubbard, McKinley Heights) - Four different teen clubs operated by the same people. The Youngstown one became the Apartment.

  • Freak-Out I (Niles) - Opened Feb 7, 1968 with the Human Beingz. Burned down on August 18, 1968.

  • Freak-Out II (Youngstown) - On Midlothian Ave in Youngstown, opened 1969, later changed name to the Apartment

  • Champion Rollarena (Champion) - a roller arena that held teen dances in the mid 60s through early 70s. Prime place that hosted all the local legends.

  • Packard Music Hall (Warren)- Built by auto industry pioneer W.D. Packard in the grand era of corporate philanthropy, Packard Music Hall has hosted theatre, symphonies, pro wrestling, and rock-n-roll shows. Most prominent in the mid 60s to early 70s. The building is still active - www.packardmusichall.com. Unfortunately, no info about their rock show history is posted....

  • Zodiac Club (Vienna) - The Zodiac Club, a teen club, with membership, ran from summer of 1970 to April 1972, and was owned by Floyd Phillips as an extension of the Starshine operation. Hosted all the bands in the local scene, including Mother Goose, where the 'legendary' Mother Goose(with Stiv Bators) film was shot. The club changed names to the Tin Pan Alley (in 1971) and the House the Jack Built (briefly before closing).

  • Akron/Mid Ohio area

  • Inferno (Mansfield) - held in the Mansfield YMCA from 1966-68, featured top bands from all over Ohio including Choir, Dantes. Run by Larry Woolson.

  • Dome (Kent) - popular Kent bar/club.

  • Draught House (445 E. Turkeyfoot Lake Rd, Akron) - Mid 60s - mid 70s (and later?) Featured local bands.

  • Exit (122 W. College, Kent) - Popular early 70s Kent club with local bands.

  • J.B.s (Kent) - Probably the most famous of the Kent bars, where the James Gang and Glass Harp launched their international fame.

  • Fifth Quarter (Kent) - Another big and boisterous Kent bar with live bands.

  • Lions Den (2811 Copley Rd, Akron) - Early 1970s, had national/touring bands and local bands

  • Ninos (451 N. Main, Akron) - Nightclub from the early 60s until the 70s that featured bands on the loungey side. The Akron band Faux Pas recorded an LP there called "Live At Ninos".

  • Salem's (1458 E. Market, Akron) - Nightclub in the 60s and 70s that featured bands and singers.

  • Columbus area

  • Blue Dolphin - A 'swimming club' that featured teen dances in the mid 60s. Actually spawned a record label that lasted for one 45 (the Epics).

  • Valley Dale - Valley Dale has been hosting entertainment since the 1930s/40s. In the mid 60s they held many teen dances and battle of the bands competition. Considered to be the top venue in Columbus.

  • Holiday Swim Club - Just east of Bexley, this swimming pool hosted weekly teen dances. In the Winter they were indoors (upstairs), and in the Summer outdoors by the pool. In 1968 the venue was part of a group of local venues that had The Byrds, McCoys and Bobby Goldsboro perform.

  • The Upper Deck - A venue in upper Arlington that had dances. Like Holiday Swim Club, they were part of the "three-in-one-night" shows, where a national act appeared with a local act at three venues in one night, using the equipment in place from the local act.

  • The Gloria - A restaurant in Grandview (near northwest side of Columbus). Had weekly teen dances with the likes of The Dantes and Electras (before they became The Fifth Order) and other popular bands.

  • Whetstone Park - north side of Columbus. The park had dances on Wednesday nights in the Summers of the mid 60's. An outdoor shelter house made for a nice, open air atmosphere and it was free. Frequented for the most part by teens from Whetstone, Worthington, Upper Arlington and North High Schools. Jerry's Drive In was the popular cruise spot nearby, both after those dances and on weekends throughout the year.

  • The Golden Bull - A block or two south of Jerry's Drive In, this restaurant became a dance hall once a week. Hosted and sponsored by Phil Gary, it featured many popular bands of the time.

  • The Sugar Shack - A large bar near the Ohio State campus that drew more people from the greater Columbus area than the OSU student population. In addition to local and regional acts, they sometimes hosted national acts for one nighters.

  • The Agora - On High Street and immediately across the street from Ohio State University, this converted movie theater with balcony hosted many local and regional acts in the 70's, as well as impressive national acts such as Heart, King Crimson, and AC/DC. It is still in operation, now called the Newport Music Hall. This was part of the Agora chain out of Cleveland.

  • Twin Lakes Pavilion (Coshocton) - Teen dances with popular bands.

  • Ater's Lake (West of Chillicothe) - This swimming and recreational facility hosted bands at teen dances for many Summers. (Grayps, Osiris and The Load all played there)

  • Moose Hall (Lancaster) - Johnny Garber promoted weekly teen dances in this venue in central Lancaster. Many central Ohio bands played there.

  • Siggy's (Lancaster) - Johnny Garber eventually operated this bar with live rock music in the early 70's.

  • Baltimore Swim Pool (Baltimore) - Hosted summer teen dances around 1970, '71.

  • The Sugar Shack (Chillicothe) - Not related to the Columbus "Sugar Shack," this venue rte. 23 on the north side of Chillicothe featured alot of regional rock bands.

  • Eckel's Lake (South of Delaware) - Many rock events in the Summers of the mid and late 60's.

  • Dayton area

  • Cavern Club (Dayton) - The Cavern Club was a prime destination for teens in the mid 60s. Billed as a 'members only' operation, they hosted local and regional bands.

  • Tempest (Dayton) - The Tempest was a teen club that had Tom and the Tempests as the house band.

  • Toledo/NW Ohio

  • Note (Intersection of Rt 2 and Rt 6, Ruggles Beach) - A major attraction in vacation oriented "north coast", the Note was active from the early 60s into the 80s (and maybe beyond that) under different names - the building was still standing AFAIK. The Note held a large teen crowd and included many national 'second tier' touring acts.

  • Pony Tail (Sandusky) - Teen club.