Young Mods

Dayton, 1969-1978

The Young Mods released three fantastic 45s of group vocal soul, or ‘sweet soul’ as it’s called by collectors. The group was led by Tommy Henderson who was also credited with writing the group’s outstanding songs. The other members included Ronnie Ditto, Carl Dronaugh, and Raymond Smith.

The group’s 1st 45 was pressed by Musicol and probably recorded there, as may have been their second (and considered best) 45, “I Can’t Hurt You Back”. The group’s style was similar to the Chi-Lites and other groups from the time that had a vulnerable, wistful feel to their recordings. Their 3rd 45 was recorded at Cyberteknics in Dayton several years later but has still has a good sound.

Gloria / You Brought Out The Sunshine (Gangland 1469/70, Musicol press, April 1970)
I Can’t Hurt You Back / Who You Going To Run, Where You Going To Hide (Everblack 1000) Spring 1971
To Say I Love Her / We Can Make It (Pork 2210, Oct 1976)

Thanks to Jeff Beckman