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Wee / Norman Whiteside

Columbus, mid 1970s

Wee was the recording pseudonym for Norman Whiteside and his band. Norman was a singer, writer, arranger, a multitalented artist who recorded a high quality LP and 3 45s for Owl. 

As a teenager in the early 70s, Norman had unsuccessfully auditioned for Capsoul records. Undeterred, he hung around the Capsoul operation and learned the ropes of arranging and recording, while practicing his keyboard skills at home.

In 1975 he put together Wee and went to Owl studios, the only place in the area that would allow him the much used term 'creative freedom'. Over the next couple years the group recorded a bunch of Norman's songs. The other band members included Victor Martin and Ben Harris. Like all the other Owl recordings, the LP and non-LP 45s take contemporary music and adds some completely unique ideas and sounds. He was hoping the LP would open the door to bigger opportunities but unfortunately nothing  happened, although the LP and 45s that resulted were popular enough around the area to get him some continued work. 

By 1982 problems with drugs and unfulfilled aspirations led him to be involved with a senseless murder. He went to prison in 1985 and was paroled in 2016. Now free, he has returned to writing and playng music and getting a lot long overdue recognition.

The story of Wee and the LP have generated a lot of interest over the years and more info including recent interviiews with Norman can be found on the internet.

LP - You Can Fly On My Aeroplane - Owl 7124N17, Dec 1977
Stay . I'm All Changed - Owl WMO 1
Try Me / Teach Me How - Owl WMO 2, 1976
Can You Boogie Real Hard / Find Me, Love Me - Owl 7084-22, Aug. 1977