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Weeble Foxx

Youngstown/Warren or Michigan, 1966

There is a 45 credited to the Weeble Foxx that was released in 1966. The A side is a good original song that sounds like the early folk-rock Grass Roots, and the other side is a version of the song "Baby Let Me Follow You Down" as recorded by Bob Dylan - it's a traditional song - where they name check Dylan in the song intro.

That's the facts. However, we don't know who the band is. The original song "I'm Your Fellow Man" is credited to Ross Cibella. Cibella spent the time when the record was released in the Mahoning Valley area and he was involved with the Fortels/Men Of Eden and the Hi-Guys/Loading Zone. We interviewed Cibella some years ago and he said at the time that that band was put together with musicians from other bands who were active in the Warren area. He was not a musician but someone who was in his mid-late 20s at the time and wanted to get into the record business, 

After his time in the area he moved to the Detroit area, and we now think that despite what we heard earlier, the Weeble Foxx may have been from that area. The few copies of the record that has surfaced - it's pretty hard to find - have seemed to have come from that area. Over the years we have asked many local musicians from the Warren area and none of the ever heard of the record or the band name. It's hard to believe that in a well connected area like that a band could exist and leave no trail. So, the jury is still out. The recording quality of the record sounds much like a WAM studio job. 


I'm Your Fellow Man / Baby Let Me Come With You - Mark I No #, RCA master 827M-4115