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Wayne Spence and Smiling Faces / Love Generation

Cleveland, early 1970s 

Wayne Spencer was a gospel/soul singer who recorded a couple DIY 45s on his own Peace label. The first record was released was the Love Generation and featured "Love's Stronger Than Hate", co-written with Tom Baker. This record was pressed, and probably recorded, at Boddie.

A couple years later Wayne returned with a re-recording of "Love's Stronger Than Hate", released under the name of Wayne Spence and Smiling Faces. The other side was a strong funky gospel song "Thank God For Peace". The origin of this song is not clear, as the Boddie paperwork assigned a master number 7163 but it doesn't seem to have been released as a Boddie pressing, only on the 1973 QCA pressing. Tom Baker was again the co-writer.

We don't see any mentions of Wayne in the PD, the Scene, or the Call and Post. Hopefully, someone will step up with information.

Love's Stronger Than Hate / Evil Woman - Peace no # (Boddie master # 7162), 1971
Thank God For Peace / Love's Stronger Than Hate - Peace no # (QCA master #304334), April 1973