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the Wanted (& Co)

Florence, KY 1966-1970


In the Boone Country mid 1960s band scene, the Wanted were the R&B/Soul style band counterpart to the Denems playing the Beatles. The Wanted were mostly from Boone County HS.

The band included Bill Marksberry (lead singer), Mike Hodges (drums), Mike Gerkin (guitar), Dave Nitchke, Greg Peck, Jim Morris, George Kerns, Tom Ross. 

According to the Northern Kentucky Music Legends, they started out as a house band for the Roundup Club in Erlanger and soon became sought after to playing five nights a week. Some of the other clubs they played were the Pickle Barrel, Guys'n'Dolls, and the Inner Circle. 

The band recorded a 45 on their own, an original by Gerkin (mispelled as Gertin on the label) and Marksberry that was based on the 'Smokestack Lightning" riff, with nice attitude and fuzz guitar. The other side was "My Baby Don't Care" originally the flipside of the Gants' hit "Road Runner". The 45 was recorded at King and pressed by QCA. To avoid confusion with other bands named the Wanted (including ones from Detroit and Richmond, KY) they added '& Co." to the 45 credits, but only used that name on the record.

The band played in the lucrative greater Cincy scene for many years, and were close to other Boone Co. bands the Denems and the Bad Seeds. 

Mike Hodges is the most famous Wanted alumni, he played with David Bowie and other big name acts, eventually joining up with HS friend Adrian Belew. Bill Marksberry was in other local bands, he passed away in 2013.

My Baby Don't Care / Why - Wanted & Co. no number (QCA master 80232), Feb 1968