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Wallace Brothers

Columbus, 1955-80

The Wallace Brothers took a route from the Great Migration from Alabama to Columbus where they played for more than 25 years, keeping the core of three brothers together. The brothers were Walter, Jeff, and DeForest Wallace.
Whey they arrived in Columbus they were school age and attended East High School where they were mentored by Dr. Ted Turner who ran the school's acclaimed music program. They started out playing local clubs and by the early 1960s they were performing at shows with touring stars, often providing the backing music. Among the group's other members was Bobby Taylor, who had been in the Four Pharaohs, and later moved to Vancouver, BC to front Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers. 

The group ended up signing with the Holiday Inn hotel chain and peformed in their circuit of hotel lounges and clubs. 

During their long career they only recorded two 45s and both were completely done on their own. The first 45 from 1969, a Magnetic Recording vanity, has a excellent deep soul song backed a honkin' R&B stormer. In 1973 they issued a hard funk song "What-Cha Feel Is What-Cha Get" that extended over two sides. This was recorded at Appalachia Sound and issued on their own label. Both 45s were pressed at QCA.

Sad Man  / I Might Give Out, But I Won't Give Up - Magnetic No #, Nov 1969
What-Cha Feel Is What-Cha Get Part I / What-Cha Feel Is What-Cha Get Part II - Walbro 1018, Dec. 1973