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the Variations / Glen M. Martin

Cleveland, 1967- early 70s


Review from October, 1967

The Variarions were a 4 man soul vocal group. The main lead singer was Glen Martin, with Robert Clay, William Lewis, and David Bell.

The group's origin is not clear, if the story posted below is accurate, seeming like they came from out of town to play in Cleveland, but it's almosy certain they went from Cleveland to play shows on the Chitlin Circuit and came back to the Red Carpet Lounge. 


In 1968 they recorded a 45 for a local label, Bob-Joy, which was run by Bob Rice and Joyce Fisher. The record was a local hit and picked up by Okeh records for national release. The details about the recording are not known, it was most likely recorded at Boddie. Tom Baker is credited with the arragement and direction.

A few years later, around 1971/2, group member Glen Martin (as Glen M. Martin) recorded a 45, released on Bob-Joy. We don't know if the Variations were still active, there doesn't seem to be anything in the local papers about Glen or the group. The Variations and Glen Martin 45s are the only two Bob-Joy releases, and Bob Rice and Joyce Fisher don't appear to be involved with any other local records from the time. The two 45s have different addresses, if that matters. Lou Ragland and Jerry Baxter are credited on the Martin 45.

That is all we know for now.

Empty Words / Yesterday Is Gone - Bob-Joy 1001/Okeh 7324, Feb 1969 (Okeh issue)

Glen M. Martin:
Rhymes / Ebony - Bob-Joy 1000, early 1970s