12 Oz. Can

London, 1969-70

The 12 Oz. Can formed out of the Rollin' Ramsax. Jim Snell, the founder/leader of the Ramsax was also the leader and guitarist for the 12 Oz. Can. The band got their name when Jim noticed the phrase on a vending machine.

The group played locally and into Columbus. Around 1969 they made a 45, one of the first releases for the long running Starr label. The record was probably recorded at Rome Studios, the parent label for Starr. The song "It Can't Last" is soulish contemporary rock sound while "She's Got A Way" is a more rockin' song with some solid guitar work from Jim Snell. 

After the 12 Oz. Can ended, Jim Snell formed the long running country-rockish Backwoods Band.

She's Got A Way / It Can't Last - Starr 1006 - 1969/70