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Truth (rock)

Cleveland, 1969-71

Truth was started by Dave Bacha after he left the Statesmen.  The band included Dave Bacha (guitar, vocals), Dave Kozma (bass), and Mike Mariari (drums).

The band came up with a unique sound and image for the time. They painted their faces half black and half white, and played pretty much all soul songs, but with a hard rock style. The face paint was to symbolize the merging of 'black' and 'white' music.

Truth played D'Poos and other Cleveland area clubs, including an opening for the Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart. It's not known if this was a show at La Cave. They also played at Geneva-On-The-Lake and Erie, PA.

The band recorded one 45, both covers in the style they were known for. According to Dave Bacha, the 45 was pressed and got a play or two on the radio (WIXY) but the panel of record experts working here has never seen a copy. 

After Truth, Dave Bacha migrated to the Toronto area and has been playing in hard rock bands since then and has had critical acclaim for his guitar skills. The other members of Truth went on to form Grenade.

Thanks to Dave Bacha and Jeff Castille