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Cleveland, 1975-81

The original version of Truth came from the Imperial Wonders. IW members Al Boyd, Russell Watts, and Leo Green were recruited by Bobby Massey, who was working on a project involving David Peoples. The songs with Peoples didn't pan out, so Larry Hancock was brought in. This group worked on several songs, mainly written by Al Boyd, Larry Hancock, Bobby Massey, and Walter Johnson.

Massey was working with O'Jays members (Massey had left the O'Jays in 1971) to establish a Cleveland recording label called Sounds Of Cleveland (SOC) as an outlet for Cleveland talent in the style of the O'Jays label Philadephia International. Truth released an excellent two sider, "Coming Back Home" and "Excedrin Headache #24" (for the youngsters, Excedrin pain relief pills ran a series of TV commercials in the 1970s with the line "Excedrin Headache number...." and highlighted some situation that would result in a headache). Truth then went on tour with the O'Jays and made some connections with Philadelphia producers. In 1976, the group appeared on Soul Train to perform "Come Back Home" with Larry Hancock singing lead. The old Philly Grove label, which had scored big in the early 70s with the Delfonics, released a 45 and a 12" 'disco' record by Truth. Unfortunately, the same old story, lack of promotion, hurt the group again. Russell Watts and Al Boyd left the group and moved back to Los Angeles and reformed the Imperial Wonders.

Returning to Cleveland, the group was signed by a fledgling Cleveland label, Mirus Music, who seemed to have a lot of ambition. Truth (now the duo of Larry Hancock and Leo Green) released a few 45s and an LP for Mirus' "soul" label, Devaki, which was also run by Bobby Massey. Mirus promised a lot but didn't deliver. The recordings, though, are the usual high quality and feature a lot of local talent in writing, playing, and arranging, such as Al Boyd, Dunn Pearson, Anthony Mitchell, etc

After not having the level of success they had hoped for, Truth faded away, but Leo Green and Larry Hancock have continued to be involved with performing.

Excedrin Headache #24 / Come Back Home (Sounds Of Cleveland 11711) 1976
(LP) Coming Home (Devaki 4401) 1980