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Tracey Twins

Cleveland, 1955-1960s

The Tracey Twins were one of Cleveland's earliest hitmakers of the rock-n-roll era. The girls, born Eudice and Eunice Margolis, started performing locally as kids. As teenagers, they recorded a cover of the song "Tonight You Belong To Me" at Cleveland Recording. The song was released on Reserve and they were renamed for professional purposes as the Tracey Twins and were known as Eudi and Euni. The record became a hit in several cities.The girls recorded several other 45s and a couple of the songs were fairly rockin'.

Over the next few years the girls toured around, including an engagement on the WLW Midwestern Hayride TV show. Their most remembered TV appearence was winning the competition on the Arthur Godfrey Talent Scouts TV show. The win gave them a chance to appear for a week on the main Arthur Godfrey morning TV show. They also appeared on American Bandstand and Merv Griffin's "Going Places" TV show. They also made several appearances on Cleveland's Gene Carroll show.

After a few years of touring, the girls retired the original Tracey Twins act, although together and individually they have continued in the performing arts.