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Tommy Tucker

Springfield, 1963-6

Robert Higginbotham was a relative late bloomer, hitting the charts at the age of thirty under his performing psuedonym Tommy Tucker with his own composition "Hi Heel Sneakers". Before he struck out on his own, he had been in the R&B vocal group the Belverderes/Dusters . He also worked Dayton area clubs with Weldon Young and Brenda Lee Jones before they were Dean and Jean.

He recorded "Hi Heel Sneakers" in New York and it was released on Checker records.  Working with NYC R&B producer Herb Abramson, he recorded several follow ups. none of which really caught on. He had one 45 on Festival, a label owned by Abramson.  Around 1966 his recording career came to an end when he relocated to New Jersey and got got into non music related businesses. He passed away in 1982, seemily from inhaling toxic fumes, but generic online reports have suggested food poisoning (of a non-criminal nature, we assume). His lone big hit has endured the test time, with remakes and a bar gig staple for 100s of classic R&B bands. 

Hi-Heel Sneakers / I Don't Want 'Cha  - Checker 1067
Long Tall Shorty / Mo' Shorty - Checker 1075
Oh! What A Feeling / Wine Bottles - London 9932, UK only
Alimony / All About Melanie - Checker 1112
Chewin' Gum / I've Been A Fool - Checker 1133
Sitting Home Alone / I'm Shorty - Checker 1178
A Whole Lots Of Fun (Before the Weekend Is Done) / Real True Love (I Ain't Had None Lately) - Checker 1186
That's How Much! / That's Life - Festival 704

LP - HI-Heel Sneakers - Checker 2990