Three Reasons

Toledo, 1962-5

The Three Reasons were a three member vocal group that had Beach Boys influences. The group leader was Ernie Fodor.

The group recorded two 45s of original songs, most likely in Detroit. The group's 1st 45 was issued on the Wheel City label from Detroit, a label that had mostly soul acts, after the original issue on the JRE label was a big local hit. This 45 was one of the few straight vocal surf records from Ohio, and included a pic sleeve that features the group posing on the shore of Lake Erie, the far west end just touches the eastern part of greater Toledo. 

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Beachtime / Cruel, Cruel, Cruel - JRE 224 / Wheel CIty 0041, 1963
The Kangaroo Twist / I've Got No Regrets - JRE 225