3rd Trick

Dayton, 1971

The 3rd Trick appears to have included Roger Sayre, formerly of the X-Cellents. The other band members may have included J. Spitler and B. Weicth. The details may be vague, but the band did make at least one 45, recorded at Cyberteknics. The record has been mistakenly described as ‘soul’, it’s a horn-rock sound right from the Blood, Sweat, and Tears / Chicago camp. The 45 uses the same Rite pressing account as the Jalyn label and the catalog number lines up with the Dabico label, suggesting they are part of a Cyberteknics custom numbering sequence.

It Hurts Me / Now I Can Feel You (Imperi & Al 104, Rite 27641/2, 1971)