Terry Davidson and the Barracudas

Columbus, 1966-7

If you've heard the lone recording by Terry Davidson and the Barracudas, a rousing recording of the Tommy Roe hit "Hurray For Hazel" on the Hilltop 1966 LP, you know that Terry Davidson, the lead singer, is a young kid. As a matter of fact, the whole band were young kids, roughlly 9-13 years old at the time.

Their age did not prevent them from competing with the older bands in town, as they had a good stage show including a couple like-aged go-go girls.

Terry Davidson has continued to perform in several bands over the years, including the long-lived Terry Davidson and the Gears, who are not directly related to the 1960s Gears.


Hurray For Hazel - (LP) Hillside  no #