Taurus and Leo

Cleveland, mid-late 1960s

Taurus and Leo were the performing names for Eddie Woods (Leo) and Melvin Dukes (Taurus) distant relatives. Melvin was the older brother of Bobby Dukes, while Eddie Woods had been in the Monclairs and the Hornets.  The group got a one shot recording session in Detroit, using a group of Detroit session players.  Johnny Terry from Detroit had the Emprire record label and production company, and he used the one off Velvet Sound for the label. The record had a local release, and was picked up for distribution by Atco records.

Not much is known about the group, who seemed to have been shortt lived. Melvin Dukes is deceased.

I Ain't Playing Baby / Goin' Out The World Backwards - Velvet Sound 367, 1967/8