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the Swans / Paul Lewis and the Swans

Toledo, 1955-63

Historians use the casual term 'bird groups' for the various early 50s R&B vocal groups that formed in the wake of hitmakers like the Orioles. Toledo's entry in the 'bird group' scene was the Swans. The group included five members, Tommy Jones, and according to online sources, Byron Thomas, Earl Fontain, Henry Goodwin. The fifth member was Paul Lewis, who helped manage the group and billed himself as "the Mighty Swamba"! Lewis also claimed to be a 'prophet' as described in a newspaper clipping of the time.

The group recorded two 45s at Fortune records in Detroit. It's not known who played the instruments but Fortune had a group of house musicians - keep in mind this is 6-7 year before the Funk Brothers - who played on the records done there. On the first 45 Paul Lewis takes the lead, and on the second, Tommy Jones is on lead. Paul Lewis left the group at some point and they became a 4 member group.

Byron Thomas joined the Blue Crystals in the 1960s, using the name Baron Thomas.

Little Senorita / Wedding Bells, Oh Wedding Bells - Fortune 813, 1954 (45 and 78)
Mister Cool Breeze / I'll Forever Love You - Fortune 822, 1955