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Columbus, mid 1950s - mid 1970s

The Supremes - Columbus edition - were a male R&B vocal group who spanned three decades. They recorded two 45s during their time, the first one in 1957, recorded down in New Orleans with local session legends (the same people who backed Huey "Piano" Smith).

In 1974 the group was promoted by Bobby Hughes and taken to Musicol to record a couple of new songs. The record was pressed at Musicol as well (Hughes was very familiar with Musicol, having recorded there with his band Hughes Blues). The 45 has a nice throwback sound which appeals to vocal group connoiseurs but was unnoticed upon release  when "the Hustle" was probably the biggest selling R&B/soul record of the year.

The group started when they were students at East High School, and they performed off and on until the mid 1970s, maybe even later. In addition to their own 45s, they supposedly sang backup for other local artists.

The name Supremes gives most people a double take - how could a group have the same name as a zillion selling group only a couple hundred miles to the northwest? For one, they had a record out first, and never recorded for a major label to set up a conflict.

Just For You And I / Don't Leave Me Here To Cry - Ace 534, 1957
Glow / You And Me -Grog 500, 1974