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Brooklyn (Cleveland), 1968-74

The Superbs were started by two brothers from Brooklyn High School, Mariano Pacetti (sax, clarinet, and vocals) and Augie Pacetti (cordovox, baritone sax and vocals). Additional band members mostly from Brooklyn High School were added to complete the group. Those members (not in the group all at the same time) were: Tom Hancy (drums), Mike Bertolone (drums), Larry Ferrone (guitar), Cher Morris (lead vocals), Chris Fercina (lead vocals and organ), Paul Roos (bass guitar and vocals), Dennis Plescia (trumpet and vocals), Wayne Marta (trumpet and vocals), Bob Dumchess (trumpet).

Between 69-70, the group’s configuration stabilized with the following lineup: Mariano Pacetti (sax, clarinet, and vocals), Augie Pacetti (cordovox, baritone sax and vocals), Mike Bertolone (drums), Jack Brndiar (trumpet and vocals), Denny Janowich (lead vocals and guitar), Gary Rusnak (guitar, flute, trombone and lead vocals), Larry Rusnak (bass guitar and vocals).


Top row L-R: Gary Rusnak, Mike Bertolone, Jack Brndiar, Larry Rusnak
Bottom row L-R: Mariano Pacetti, Denny Janowich, Augie Pacetti

The Superbs mostly played high school and local teen dances plus a few lounges/clubs. Their main style of play focused on music popular at the time but due to the group’s ability to play multiple instruments allowed them to include a wide range of songs by various artists/genres. As a result, The Superbs earned a wide and large following. The band appeared once on the Young Americans TV show in Cleveland.

Of Special Note

Not only a band member of the Superbs, Mariano Pacetti was and still is the one and only “Mushmouth” Mariano Pacetti. The Pizza Eating Champion of the Hoolihan and Big Chuck Show from the 1970’s. Mariano is an accomplished saxophone player. He has performed with acts from the Back Street Boys to the Temptations and many others.

Band member Jack Brndiar is principal trumpet of the Cleveland Chamber Symphony, a Grammy Award-winning ensemble. Jack has performed, recorded and toured with the Cleveland Orchestra for 34 seasons. As a freelance musician, Jack has performed and toured with many different groups, quintets, company productions, recorded numerous radio and TV commercials and pop music hits like “Play That Funky Music” by Wild Cherry.

Thanks to Dennis Janowich