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Sunny Goodge Street / Rick Bashore

Dayton, 1970-1975


July 1974 article

Sunny Goodge Street came from the demise of the Shillings. Rick Bashore was the one constant member, and started a new band in 1970. 

The band is listed played in the greater Dayton area from 1970 until 1974

The original band had a woman singer, Barbara Coy. Later on the band had Denny Thomas on keyboards, Cliff Young on bass, and Don Adams on drums.

The band made 3 45s, one for Dabico, which was the new name for the Dayton Band Company label used by the Shillings. The other 2 45s were on Fraternity. 

Tha article mentions two 45s on the Dayton Band label. Not sure what they mean, as the Shillings had two 45s and there is one known 45 on Dabico. There is another 45 on Dabico by Birdland, which was not Sunny Goodge Street, athough Bashore is listed as the producer.

Rick Bashore had a 45 under his own name in 1973. He had another 45 in 1988, on Dabico. Oddly, the 1973 45 was not on Dabico, but on Jupiter, a one off label.The 45 was recorded at Cyberteknics as was the first SGS 45. The posted article implies the record was recorded by SGS.

Sunnygoode Street, Sunnygoodge Street, Sunny Goode Street, and Sunny Goodge Street. Four possible spellings to make sure search engines will find this! The 'correct' name, as the band does mention they got it from a song, is "Sunny Goodge Street", the song coming from Donovan. 

By And By / Just Another Dream - Dabico 103, 1970
Just Another Dream / Sorry For The Inconveniece - Fraternity 1203, 1973
If My Name Was Oscar / Just Ain't Right - Fratenity 1231, 1974

Rick Bashore:
Because Of You / Just A Little Bit Down On My Luck - Jupiter101, Feb 1973