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Subconscious Mind

Buffalo, NY, 1967

The origin of the Subconscious Mind is one of most mis-credited on the Internet. Easy to understand why as their only 45 declares it was recorded at Audio Recording in Cleveland.

The band was from Buffalo, about a 4 hour drive from Cleveland. They won a local (Buffalo area) Batlle of the Bands in 1967 and the prize was a trip to Cleveland (many jokesters from the 1970s would have said a trip to Cleveland should be the award to losers....), more specifically, a recording session at Audio and their own 45, issued on the Vintage label, which had no other Cleveland connection. .

The band did go to Audio and recorded covers of lesser known songs by the Buffalo Springfield and the Association. There were a lot of copies pressed as the record is still readily available in the second hand market.