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Dayton, 1965-71

The Stumps were from the Belmont area of Dayton, home to so many teen bands.  The Stumps did something unusual for a local teen band, they travelled all the way out to Arizona to make their record.

The band original "Think Of The Good Times" features a local Tucson, AZ band, the Grodes, playing the instrumental part. The Grodes (who had no Ohio connections) made several excellent 45s on their own. The other side of the 45 features the Stumps doing the Who classic. 

The 45 was released on Boyd records, an Oklahoma based label who also released a 45 by another Tucson band at the time, the Dearly Beloveds. Boyd had some distribution, and the 45 was mentioned in Billboard.

The band returned back to Dayton and played all the local teen hot spots. The band lasted into the early 1970s. A few years ago, several of the original members reformed the band.


Think Of The Good Times / My Generation - Boyd 159, 1967