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Andy Sommers and the Stringshifters

Canton/Massilon, 1960-early 1980s

Andy Sommers and the Stringshifters were together for over 25 years. The band was led by Andy on vocals and featured the 'country combo' instrumentation of electric guitar, steel guitar, bass, and drums. Price Martin (real name Edward Pwarck) was a member of the band. 

The band played all over eastern Ohio, on their own, and with mutliple acts as was typical for the NE Ohio country music scene. They played at the T-Bird Lounge for many years. Another place they played was Hillbilly Park in Newark, as warm-up for Loretta Lynn and other national stars. 

The group made several 45s for local labels, starting with their first 45 on B-W. They recorded 2 45s for the Nu-Sound label in Louisville, which was located on the other, eastern, side of Canton. They also backed up Barberton singer Red Wilson for his Nu-Sound label 45. They also played on some B-W recording sessions. Ken Specht aka Ken Speck, a DJ on WCNS, recorded a B-W 45 with help from the Stringshifters. Speck also hosted some of their live shows.

There was another, unrelated, String Shifters band from Cambridge who recored for AVC.

Andy passed away in 2013 at the age of 83.

Since We First Met / Loving You - B-W 620, 1963
Honky Tonk Guitars / My Sugar And Me - Nu Sound no # (Rite master 17001/2), 1966
If I Ever Hurt You / No Chance With You - Nu Sound no # (Musicol master 1453/4) March 1970
with Red Wilson - My Heart Talks To Me / Foolish Guy - No Sound no # (Musicol master 1451/2)  March 1970