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the Stone Creations

Cleveland, 1973-6

Most of the knowledge about the Stone Creations is in regards to their lone 45. Bill Jacocks was working at Cleveland's WEWS-TV station (he later became news anchor the first and only African-American to hold that job in Cleveland at the time). He put together a TV special called "Hands On A Golden Key" that was about youth working to bridge racial divides in Cleveland. He heard of a band that was practicing down the street and worked with them to record a couple of his songs for the TV show. 

The songs were recorded at Agency Recording and Bill created a label called Fly By Nite to release the songs. 

Having a record got the group more opportunities to play out. They recorded some additional songs at Boddie that were never released.

The "It" Song / Hands On A Golden Key - Fly By Nite no #, QCA3071-16, July 1973