Stone Coal White

Dayton, 1969-77

Stone Coal White started as a psychedelic funk group, with brothers Tommy Munday (guitar) and Dennis Munday (vocals), Melvin Payne (bass), and John Roddick (drums). In 1970/1 the band recorded 2 45s of some the rawest and intense funk/soul on record, a complete 180 degrees from the tight sophisticated grooves of Dayton funk groups like the Ohio Players. 

The two 45s, recorded at a short lived studio in Union, outside of Dayton, featured a red and black label scheme. They could be related to the colors of a Dayton black motorcycle gang. 

The band expanded to add keyboards, horns, and became a working club band during the mid 1970s.

You Know  / Stone Coal - USA  - Shur N' Tel no #, 1971
Peoples / Free - Ewing No #, 1971 (copies on red labels and black labels)