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the Perpentated Spirits of Turpentine

Newark, 1966-7

The Perpentated Spirits of Turpentine weren't going to use any old teen band moniker, they wanted to be unique, way ahead of the curve for non-sequiteur names.

The band was pretty short-lived, and supposedly the members were from other bands and this group was a trial run. They played a handful of shows in Newark, competing in a Battle of the Bands, and opening for the Dantes.

Fortunately they had a chance to record at Musicol and cut four original songs. The band's inexperience shows, but that works to advantage if you dig the teen garage band sound. The songs are "I'm A Lucky Guy", "Louie Come Home", "Double Naught Spy", and "The Girl With The Sandy Blond Hair". Lots of fun teen energy and good use of the Musicol studio (including some of the house Hammond organ). The songs were only on tape and never cut to record.