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the Soul Survivors / the Britons

Marion, 1965-7


The Britions were formed in 1965 by Harding High School students Danny Hall on vocals, Howard McKinniss on lead guitar, Frank Murray on bass, Bob Inlow on rhythm guitar, and later Mike Diehl on drums. The band played Marion area teen dances.

Tony Giampietro became the band's manager and got them them some gigs in the Columbus area, where they built up a following. At the start of 1967 the band added a second singer, Terry Tewell, who was around 23/24 years old. The band changed their name to the Soul Survivors, as Britions was a bit dated. It's not clear when the name was changed, probably before the record, but not long before/

In Feburary or March of 1967, Tony took the band to Magnetic in Columbus where they recorded their lone 45. The band recorded 6 songs at the session, 4 covers and two originals, the slow "I Won't Cry", credited to McKinniss and Hall, with plaintive lead vocals by Danny Hall. The other side was an energetic teen garage song "All My Love", credited to the band, with lead vocal by Terry Tewell. Tony released it on the Mark II label, for some reason he chose to release the three records he produced on different, one off labels (although they all say Togy Enterprises). The 45 got airplay in Marion and Columbus.  A note in the Marion newspaper said the record was sold out in a few weeks but we can't back up that claim.

The record's momentum was short lived as they disbanded in June of 1967, related to school and the draft, like their rivals the Last Times. It wasn't long before Danny Hall and Frank Murray joined with a couple Last Times members to form the Strawberry Social. Danny Hall and Howard McKinniss also played in other bands. 


Now this is teenage action, 1967! Drummer Mike Diehl is the most visible, with Bob Inlow at left.

Danny Hall was later known as Jason Hall and recorded a couple records under that name. He is deceased.

All My Love / I Won't Cry - Mark II 601723, March 1967