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Soul / Original Cast

Marysville, 1966-8

The Original Cast were almost nationally famous. In 1968 they appeared as part of a Battle of the Bands competition on the Happening '68 TV show (the hosts were Paul Revere and the Raiders). Their one number was a intense version of "Tobacco Road" that took from the Blues Magoos arrangement. The group lost out on the show to the Heart Beats, an all girl group from Texas who were the eventual overall winners.

Prior to the Original Cast, the band had formed as the Soul and included Wayne Rees on vocals and Chuck Wilson from Columbus, formerly of the Toads, on lead guitar. As the Soul the recorded an acetate at Musicol which as far as we know is the only example of what some people might think was nearly impossible - a teen band recording of the Beatles' "Lucy In The Sky Diamonds" - and it's really good. The flip side is even better, a strong driving garage song with tough lyrics and a ripping fuzz solo by Chuck. The song was written by the band's manager.

After the band broke up in 1968/9, Chuck Wilson joined PFFT.


Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds / New Way To Lose - Musicol acetate, 1967
Tobacco Road - tape only