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Sons Of Liberty (8th Day)

Wellsburg, West Virginia, 1967-9

Although from West Virginia, the Sons Of Liberty played often in Ohio and like most bands on the OH border, we wanted to include them as they are still remembered in the area.

The band was started by students at West Liberty State College. Frank DeFede was the leader, he played guitar and shared lead vocals. Other members were Dave Buhl (guitar, lead vocals), John Rasz (keyboards), Glenn Reasner (bass and vocals), and Jim Brandolino (drums and vocals). Glenn was the only non- college student, he was still at Wellsburg High School.

The band was partnered with Nancy Petit and Melanie Ross (both from Wellsburg) and were named the 8th Day. This group got a recording contract with Kapp Records and went to New York to record. After recording a few songs, the group split with the girls and Jim Brandolino keeping the 8th Day name. They recruited members of the Opus IV from Steubenville to finish the recordings and stay on as the new band.

The Sons Of Liberty got a new drummer, Greg Gorby, and continued to play. This group recorded a 45 at Gateway that go a lot of local airplay and sales.

Love Babe / There's A Little Girl - Gateway 1068, 1968