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Sonny Turner (Platters) (Sound Limited)

Cleveland (by proxy), early 1970s

Sonny Turner started with the Metrotones/ Five Jades in the 1950s. He was born in West Virginia, but moved to Cleveland as a kid.

In 1959 he got the job as lead singer for the Platters, as legendary Platters lead Tony Williams had decided to go solo. This was a huge deal at the times, as the Platters were one of the biggest groups in the vocal group scene.

Sonny spent about 10 years with the Platters, who were left behind by the emergence of Motown/Stax soul and the British Invasion. In the mid 1960s, the Platters came back with a fresh soul sound and had a big hit with "With This Ring" and lesser hits "I Love You 1000 Times" and "Washed Ashore". Sonny sang lead on all those recordings. The Platters recordings with Sonny have been staples of the Carolinas beach music scene for 50 years.

In 1970 Sonny left the Platters, who by now were embroiled in a constant controversy over who owned the name and which group was legitimate, a dispute which was sadly 'resolved' by all the principals' deaths. Sonny formed a group called the Sound LTD, with the intention of being a cabaret/show band. The group recorded two 45s for Musicor, at least one of them recorded in New York.  Sonny Turner and Sound Limited were not based out of Cleveland, they seem to have played long engagements in places like Las Vegas, but because of Sonny's roots in Cleveland we have him listed. Musicor was the home of several Cleveland artists, even holding a Battle of the Bands competition, and all those records seem to have been recorded in New York. 

The two 45s for Musicor were not successful, but certainly worthy of hearing, especially "Now That You're Gone". After the Sound Limited called in quits in the late 70s, Sonny has lived and performed in the Las Vegas area, as well as performing his Platters hits in the UK.

Atlanta / Interstate 65 - Musicor 1420, 1972
Chicago Woman / Now That You're Gone - Musicor 1459, 1972