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Smokey and His Sister

Cincinnati, 1966-7


Smokey and His Sister were Smokey (real name Larry) and Vicki Mims, two siblings from Cincinnati. They recorded two 45s for Columbia in 1967, which got some airplay but not enough for Columbia to release their LP. The debut 45 "Creators of Rain" appeared in Billboard's "bubbling under the Hot 100" for a week. In 1968 they got another chance with Warner Brothers records. They had one LP and a 45 (songs from the LP).

Based on the story in the article, they were pretty adventerous and ambitious. Hard to believe now but these stories happened in the 1950s and 1960s when record companies had no idea on what would become the next big thing so they were willing to listen to almost any teen/young adult playing contemporary pop/rock music. 

In the early 2000s, Sundazed Music released the songs planned for the Columbia LP.

Creators Of Rain / In A Dream Of Silent Seas (promo pic sleeve) - Columbia 43995, Jan 1967
Would You Come Home / A Lot Of Lovin'- Columbia 44207, June 1967
The Time Is Now / Sheridan Square - Warner Bros 7284, May 1969
LP - Smokey and His Sister - WB 1763, 1968