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Sky Blue Pink

Woodinville/Elmore, 1970

Sky blue pink was a group from Woodville and Elmore Ohio, whose members recorded in Fremont, Ohio as a 3-piece group including Daniel Cadaret on guitar and vocal, Gary Ameling on bass and vocals, and Mark Melnek on drums and vocals. The band recorded only one single during that time, and all three members have survived, all remaining in Ohio. Each of the 3 have continued to play for over 40 years, and are still working in music as weekend warriors around Ohio and lower Michigan.

Sky Blue Pink cut one great 45 in 1970. The 45 includes two originals that exemplify the best in the Ohio melodic hard rock of the time. The 45 was pressed at Musicol, but released on the Courier offshot "Right Now!!" label.

Oats (My Future Depends On You) / Making Love Now (Right Now!! No #) May '70

Thanks to Mark Melnek