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Kent, 1971-4

Skeezix were a big band in the early 70s Kent college bar scene. The played a lot of soul and funk covers, as well as a few originals. The lead singer was Tony DeMauro (from Ravenna), Ben Curlutu (from North Canton) was the guitarist, Al Pethel, and Paul Bigbee. In 1973 the band won 'best soul band' in the Cleveland Scene poll (ahead of Hot Chocolate), with DeMauro voted best soul singer. In a 1972 show they are listed as three members, guitar, keyboards, and drums. They seem to play many shows opening for Glass Harp.

They played on WVIZ TV, October 9, 1972, as part of a telethon to raise awareness about VD. They wrote and performed the show's them song "If You Think You Got It, Do The World A Favor". Phil Keaggy, right after leaving Glass Harp, and John Bassette were also on the show.

The band recorded some demos but nothing was released.