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Short Cuts

Cleveland, 1957-62

The Short Cuts were sisters Mary Ellen and Margy Keegan from Cleveland Heights. While in high school, they formed a vocal group that was influnced by other sister groups such as the McGuire sisters. Eventually the group became a duo of the sisters,

The girls, just out of high school, were championed by WERE's influential DJ Bill Randle, who had them perform on his show. This encouraged them to record a couple of their own songs at Audio Recording. Randle got them connected to Carlton records, a NYC record label, who released the songs on a 45. The label says Margie Keegan but the 'official' spelling is Margy. The girls deserve a lot of credit for writing the songs and putting together the recording session, a rarity when many more accomplished artists were handed songs and arrangements with little say. 

The record became a moderate hit and provided the girls with the opportunity to tour with a package tour on the east coast. Strangely, there was never a follow up 45, and after riding a wave of popularity for a year or so, they returned to local performing for a few years until marraige and other factors made them retire.

Don't Say He's Gone / I'll Hide My Love - Carlton 513 - 4/58