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the Shoguns

Covington, Kentucky, 1964-9


In history, Shoguns were the military - and by proxy, empire - leaders of Japan. For greater Cincinnati, the Shoguns were five (mostly) college students who played  around the area for 5 or so years and made a couple 45s.

According to the band's website the roots of the band go back to the late 1950s with Gary Arsparger and Fred Dishon, both from Latonia, KY. They added Pat Mayerchak on guitar and Fred moved to bass. The band was called the Capris.

In 1964 they added Dan Herzog (vocals) and Larry Ackerson (drums) and the five were renamed the Shoguns. The lineup stayed together until 1968. A request for the band in late 1968, printed in the Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper, had a response from Gary saying the band was no longer active, only a few months after recording and releasing their second 45.

The band's first 45 was produced by James Schworer, a DJ at WKKY. He also ran a club, the Mod Room, In Erlanger, KY. The 45 is a raw cover of the Buddy Holly song "Well All Right" with tuff vocals and a smashing glass effect at the end. The other side, "In My Time", an original by Pat Mayerchak, is a nice west coast style pop song and the intended A side.

The band recorded more songs in Cincy and Louisville, and in mid 1968, released another 45. The 45 was on Lemco, and for some reason, doesn't seem to have gotten much exposure. The band played their last gig on August 31, 1968, so that is probably why the Lemco 45 never took off. One side is "The Look In Her Eyes" and it features a  comtemporary sound, a bit like Tommy James or even the New Lime. Pat Mayerchak would switch to keyboards and his organ is heard prominently.

In 2015 the band issued a CD with 8 new songs, along with 7 old songs that include "In My Time" and "The Look In Her Eyes". Details about the CD and many pics are on the band's website www.theshoguns.com

In My Time / Well All Right - Schworer 101, Aug 1966
The Look In Her Eyes / - Lemco, mid 1968