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Cincinnati, mid 1960s

The Shirtails were mostly or all college students at the University of Cincinnati. The story we heard is that a couple of the members came from fairly wealthy east coast cities.

They were scouted out by Gordon Neal and Herman Griffin and recorded a 45 for their Prime label. The record has an interesting sound, soul/rock with psych overtones. The A side "The Ceiling" has a danceable groove. The record was arranged by Dale Warren (Ossman), the cult legend (well, to some of us) who was involved with some of the most famous non-hit soul 45s on the Shrine label from Washington. Warren had worked with Griffin out of Detroit. 

The group had another 45 on Date, released on that label through Griffin's connections again (the Charmaines, with Griffin's wife, were also on Date), featuring a picture sleeve. The sound on the Date 45 was more produced.

The Ceiling  / Stay Away From The Fog - Prime 2715 (white promo and brown stock copies)
I Want You To Stay With Me / Something's Wrong With Our Love - Date 1503 (pic sleeve)