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the Shackelfords

Springfield, 1964-8

This four man combo included 2 brothers and their uncle and they didn't look far for a moniker - Shackelford was the family and combo name. The group's formation was spurred by British Invasion and David, the uncle (who was actually only a couple years older) provided the spark and lead guitar. The lineup was rounded out with Steve (drums) and Ron (rhythm) with non-Shackelford Mike Lembke as the original bassist. The group played a mostly British set including family harmonies by Steve and David. After spending a year or so honing their act, they became part of the combo scene that played Dayton's Caverns teen club. Other Shackleford action stops included St. Johns Baptist church in downtown Springfield and battles of the bands in Springfield and Bellefontaine.

The group took first place in a Springfield band tilt which led them to Ron Knull and their only 45, recorded at O'Brien studios in Springfield. The two sides, band originals entitled "The Wonderer" and "The Unloved", are nice Folk rock/Mersey hybrids with instrospective lyrics. The record got some airplay, but copies are extremely rare today. These two sides were the only studio recordings, but some live tapes made at the Caverns were done (and still may be in existence).

The 45's thoughtful tone belies the group's act, which was one of the wildest in town. After a gig in Bellefontaine they were escorted to the edge of town and told not to return. The reason - one member decided to, um, 'moon' the crowd. Common stage props included a Nazi flag and military helmets! The draft begat the end of the Shackelfords. Bassist Mike Lembke was the first to go and he was replaced by Mike Pellin. Other members were called and by early '68 the group was no more. Steve Shackelford played in the short-lived "Psychedelic Soul People" with Rick White and Gary Brown (who has been in the Children of Stone), before his own draft call in late '68. Ron Shackelford is deceased (as is Rick White and Gary Brown).