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the Sceptres

Athens, 1964-70

Popular local Athens band that started in 1964. Early on the band consisted of Gary Van Meter(Drums), Ross Locke(Singer), Jim Patterson(Bass), Norman Orchid (Piano), Mike Price(Guitar), and Ron Downey(Sax). They were very poplar in the college scene playing a lot of frat parties and local clubs. For awhile the were the house band for Club 33 as well as the Tap House later on. Their major competition early on were The Intruders and the Tornadoes, one of these bands is rumered to have had Glenn Schwartz and a member for awhile, but it is unconfirmed.

The line-up changed throughout the years and in 1969 Gary found himself as the lone original member of the band. In 1969 The band was approached by Bob Matthews, a legally blind audio engineer at Ohio University. They recorded their 45 in the Athena Movie Theater in Athens. Their version of "What the World Needs Now" takes from the Chambers Brothers. Most of the Discotech label 45’s were recorded at the theater. Bob Matthews had been involved in the Discotech label with Willis Parker and Gary Rhamy from 1965-1967. WilMat Rhamy Productions is named after them.

Not soon after the release of the 45, the band broke up. Gary Van Meter went on to join the later version of Yer Lovin St. Bernard.

Silver Tears / What The World Needs Now (Century 32054)