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Ray Saporita

Parma, 1962-6, 1970s-present

Ray Saporita was a singer from Parma. While in high school, he recorded a couple 45s, one issued locally, and the second one, a coupling of "Baby Sitter" and "Hercules" was released on the national IPG label. "Baby Sitter" got some airplay. Ray's sound was what is now known as "teener". The songs on the IPG record were credited to Donna Kohler, so we was part of the Jimmy Testa/Carl Maduri operations.

A 1967 Plain Dealer story mentions he sang on Arlene Ray Blank's KYW Show Wagon TV show.

In 1967 Ray joined the U.S. Male as a trumpet player and singer. In 1968 he was in the Convention. In the mid 1970s, after attending college, he was performing in the nightclub circuit.

Ray continues to sing and has recently (2006) releases a CD of standards.

Sixty Seven Santas / same - Flo no #, 1962
Hercules / Baby Sitter - IPG 1006, November, 1963