Ricky Vac and the Rockaways

Cleveland, 1958-63

Ricky Vac was one of the original Cleveland rock and rollers. He was from the Berea area and together with other musicians from Cleveland's southwest suburbs, had a complete rock and roll band.

The band recorded a bunch of demos but didn't release a 45 until 1962, when they recorded a couple songs for Hilltop down at the Hilltop studio in Ashland. By then the group was more in the 'teener' style. 

Ricky Vac got into the production and management side of the business and relocated to the west coast. Sometime during the 2000s he pulled together a bunch of the band's recordings and made a private release CD. There were some very solid rockers along with both sides of the 45.


Colleen / How Do You Think I Feel  - Hilltop 1871, 1962