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Pure Jam

Columbus, 1973-8

Pure Jam was a popular and highly regarded rock band in Columbus during the mid 1970s. The band filled local clubs, and spent different periods as "house band" for several different clubs including the Sugar Shack and the Railroad.

The band was formed around three Austin brothers, Bently Austin on bass, Craig Austin on drums, and Eric Austin on keyboards. Glenn Dalton was the lead guitarist, and fronting the band was Joe Mellencamp. Hmm - does that name sound familiar? Maybe if you know that Joe Mellencamp was the brother of John Cougar Mellencamp, who before he became a star, used to roadie and hang out with the band in their early days. 

The band recorded a couple 45s and an LP, all self financed and distributed. The band was noted for playing many original songs in their sets and built a receptive audience for their songs, not the easiest thing during the 1970s bar band era. The sound of the band is comtemporary melodic rock with influences including the Beatles and CSNY.

The band had a reunion, of sorts, when they appeared as themselves in the 1992 movie "Falling From Grace" that was directed by and starred John Mellencamp.

After the band broke up, Bentley Austin ran a booking agency and managed Valley Dale for a while.

Howard Johnson Moon / Fly Away - Pizza 2Y4300, April 1974
Between The Lines / Seeing You Around - Blue Ash No #, 1976
Taxi Dancer / Lady Liberty - Blue Ash 123, 1976
(LP) S/T - Blue Ash 117, 1976