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the Prophets

Columbus, 1965-'67

Columbus's Prophets were founded and fronted by Rich DiCenzo while a student at DeSales High. Rich had played briefly with the Ebb Tides before forming a group with Ray Janczak on bass, Cosmos Bartino on guitar, and Mike McGeary on drums. As the Prophets, the group included Rich and Ray with Jon Townley (guitar), Joe O'Dea (guitar), and Ron Hefner (drums).

The Prophets played a mix of stompin' teen dance faves and strong vocal harmonies, somewhere between the Kinks, Kingsmen, Hollies, and Byrds. As times changed the group started to play more Yardbirds and Beatles. At the final Prophets gig (a teen dance at a Methodist Church) they played the entire "Sgt Pepper" LP!

Other venues that welcomed the Prophets were the Old Union, Valley Dale, Ohio U, Wittenberg, Kent State, and of course Ohio State - they're in the '66 OSU yearbook somewhere.

With the graduation of several members in '67, the Prophets disbanded. Rich and Ron formed the World.