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Greenville, 1974-9

Powerhouse came from the small town of Greenville, OH north of Dayton. The band played a mix of rock, jazz, and funk, and played clubs all over the three state (OH/IN/KY) area.

The band came together through a 1970s high school phenomenon - the stage band, the adjunct to the school band who played, depending on the school, jazz, jazz-rock fusion, horn rock, or something in the middle of those. The Greenville band included  Mark Boltin (trumpet), Doug Coppess (rhythm guitar), Jon Johnson (bass), and formely Jack Hufnagle (lead guitar) who had already graduated.  Greg Gerlach, a trained musician and band instructor at Ansonia High School , and Doug Stull, who had played drums in some othe bands, were looking to form a band that played rock and funky jazz and they recruited the previously mentioned four and that was the start of Powerhouse. According to an old newspaper story they started in September 1974.

Not long after the band formed they added Vic Baxter, from the Dayton area, on lead vocals. Baxter had been the singer for the Grey Imprint and sings on their great "Get The Message" 45. Once again, he became the 'pepper' of another  'salt and pepper' ensemble.

Over the next several years, the band personnel changed, with Greg Gerlach continuing as the leader and founding member. They were booked by Top Banana Talent out of Indianapolis who handled a lot of big regional bands like the Faith Band.  In 1975 they recorded their only 45 at  Cyberteknics. "Step Into My Life" featured Vic Baxter on vocals, while the instrumental B side "Chicken Lips" seems to be a good example of what they sounded like. In addition to the 45, they recorded a good amount of unreleased songs at places like 5th Floor studios in Cincinnati and Kingsmill studio in Columbus.

For more information, pics, and soundfiles, visit Greg Gerlach's website  http://www.gerlachproductions.com/powerhouse

Step Into My Life  / Chicken Lips - Pork 2987, July 1975