Phillip Wolf / The Big Wolfe / Prince Phillip

Cincinnati, 1964?-67


Phillip Wolf was a Cincinnati singer. He recorded three 45s that featured a Cincinnati sound - early rock-n-roll, R&B, soul mixed into a unique local flavor. "Little Woman" was  probably cut at King studios, with Kenny Smith and Shad O'Shea involved. He had a 45 on the New Orleans based Instant label as the Big Wolfe, and one on the one-shot Lollipop label (another pre-Counterpart Shad imprint) as Prince Phillip. The Prince Phillip and Big Wolfe 45s were recorded at Allen-Martin in Louisville.

The posted article, from April 28, 1967, descibes the terrible end to Phillip's life. The band members mentioned in the story were probably an agency-generated touring band and not the musicians playing on the records.

Little Woman / There's Gotta Be A Way - Sims 252,  c. Oct,1965
Good Foundation / The Place (New Orleans) - Instant 3275, c. March 1966
Another Fool Like Me / What'Cha Gonna Do Now? - Lollipop 101, 1966