Columbus, 1965-7

Columbus had a somewhat unique sound with several mid 1960s bands falling somewhere between country, rock, R&B, and nightclub music. The staff here classifies them as Boathouse bands, named for the popular Columbus club that was the home for several bands in this style. We don't know for sure if the Outcasts played the Boathouse but they had that kind of sound.  

The Outcasts' biggest record was a rock instrumental "Outcasts Theme" and their version of the country standard "Auctioneers Song". It was released on two different labels, using the same recordings. A few years later they released a 45 as Johnny Lee and the Outcasts were the country influence was stronger.


Outcasts Theme / Auctioneer's Song - Fabar
Outcasts Theme / Auctioneer's Song - Spinner 114