Ohio Players

Dayton, 1966 - 2000s'

SW Ohio is the birthplace of funk and the Ohio Players are members of the founding family. Not only did they acheive massive success with number one hit records, they inspired a whole generation of bands in their hometown and across the country. 

The group started with the split between Robert Ward and the rest of the Ohio Untouchables band in 1965. Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner, from Hamilton, had been in the Bees and recorded a couple 45s. He joined the band which then began a slow evolution from a R&B instrumental band to driving soul band to the leaders of Ohio funk. With this new lineup, the renamed themselves the Ohio Players, in regards to their skills as musicians - and 'ladies men'.

Leroy Bonner, Clarence Satchell, Conelius Johnson are deceased.