Los Nombres / 7 Nombres / Willie and the Nombres

Lorain, 1967-80?

Latino-American bands were common in the Los Angeles area in the mid 60s. Taking a cue from bands like Thee Midnighters, and later, El Chicano, a group of high school students of Latino ethnicity in Lorain formed the Nombres. Lorain has had a large Hispanic community going back to the 1950s and the Nombres were the younger generation's way of expressing their cultural influences.

The core members of the Nombres included Willie Marquez (lead vocals) and Pepe Rivera. The band (which was also listed at least on record as the Seven Nombres, and Willie and the Nombres) lasted from the late 1960s until the 1980s, releasing several 45s and an LP, almost all of which were self promoted.

Listen People / Full Of Love (Day-Wood 701, Boddie 7016) 1970 credited to the 7 Nombres
Cold Wine (Part 1) / Loving You (Beth 7102 - 7102 is actually the Boddie matrix number) 1971
Trivialities / Todos (Beth 101, Boddie 7204) 1972
Trivialities / Todos (Lorain Sound 790) c. 1977, different recordings
Write a Better Song / (Lorain Sound)
What's Going On / Soft Summer Nite (Lorain Sounds 8932) 1978
LP - Los Nombres (Lorain Sound no #) 1978 credited to Willie and the Nombres